E. Oing Productions


I've always been drawn to animals, had the menagerie of pets growing up (or at least those my parents would allow). In my time, I've cared for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, rats, fish, salamanders, newts, and studied the care for many other domestic and wild animals. The TV in my house is by default turned to Animal Planet (unless it's the Crocodile Hunter or something I've seen). I've published several guides on animal care, communication, and training, and also on choosing the right animal for your lifestyle.

What else can I say? I love all types of animals and understand them. I don't run screaming from messes and don't mind the occasional bite or scratch in the course of training. In fact, I would probably say that I understand and tolerate a lot more from animals than I do most humans. Who better to take care of YOUR loved ones?