E. Oing Productions


I've been involved in theater in some fashion for more or less all my life. There are many pictures of me at 3 years old in dance concerts, and I started acting in 1986. I have lost track of the number of shows I have performed in. In 1990, my mother and her friend (who had once been a director for several of my shows) decided to put together a theater company and produce shows for elementary schools in the area. I started out serving as a student director. As I grew older, my duties and responsibilities expanded. I knew how to play several instruments, so I was made musical director and performance accompanimist. Then I started having more input in design and technical aspects, and also choreography. My last 2 years, I served as assistant director (along with all of the above duties).

When I got to high school, there was little or no drama program to speak of, but we made do. A director would come by twice a year and put on a drama in the fall and a musical in the spring, and somehow, they were fantastic. Equipment and technicians would be hired, and I would "crash" the tech calls and help out. As I learned my way around the school, I began assisting the "Drama Coordinator" who was basically a secretary in the school's office who was the intermediary between the director and the school and handled the administrative work of the show. I used to spend time after school talking to her and realized she was overworked, so I started assisting her (since I was going to rehearsals anyway). Upon graduation, I was given an award that had never been given at my school, for being an exceptional Production Assistant.

It was perhaps my high school experiences that led me to seek a career in technical theater. I took a lighting and sound lab and had so much fun that I decided to focus on lighting design. San Francisco State provided me with a very well-rounded education, in all areas of theater. From lighting tech and design to directing, to theater history and acting. And while receiving this education, we were also given plenty of experience and encouraged to seek outside work, so I also worked on a few shows professionally for theater and event lighting.

And now I'd like to take my education and 20-odd years of experience and apply it so that I can enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed school.